Good appointment today!

This afternoon’s appointment was with the Nurse Practitioner for our surgeon.  Another woman we just love!  They were running about an hour behind so we sat in the waiting room “people watching.”  You really know that you’ve been going to the doctor way too much when the employees start knowing who you are!!!

Two good things came out of today’s appointment. #1:  There is NO cancer in Patty!!!  All of the cancer has been removed!  #2:  Patty will never have to have a mammogram on her left breast for the rest of her life! 

The Nurse Practitioner was amazed at how well the first step in the reconstruction was looking.  She said: “Oh Patty… this looks great!  You’re going to be very happy when it’s done!”  Then she made a comment about what great work the reconstruction doctor does and how she was thinking of having a “lift!”  (Way too much information for me!) 

She did say that most likely Patty will need to go through chemo since there was a lymph node involved, but then again, that will be the call of the oncologist.  So, the next appointment is with the oncologist on Wednesday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Good appointment today!

  1. Great news!!!!! It was what we hoped for and now Wednesday will let us know what’s in store. Give my love to my sis and to you and we’ll be waiting for the news on Wednesday. Love u guys. K.

  2. Oh my Gosh…. I am so excited to read this news.
    I knew all would be OK but it’s so great to hear it and know that you are on your way to complete recovery. You are so amazing and so strong and I couldn’t bellieve what you and Ed have been through with the first set of doctors. God is with you two and you deserve all the BEST that is waiting for you. Just wake up in the morning and know you are healthy and as beautiful as ever. You are my HERO and I love you
    and am looking forward to spending time with you two.
    Les and I think about you every day and are sending our love. Sandi and Les HUGS……………….

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