One in twelve!!!

So here’s the latest…  I ran down to the store a little while ago to pick up some things for dinner!  Patty stayed home with her sister, Kathy.  I was gone about a half hour.  I returned and opened the front door and there was Patty, standing on the other side of the door.  She was doing her “happy dance!”  If you haven’t witnessed the “happy dance” it’s something that you have to see… describing it does the dance no justice!  Anyway, I asked why she was dancing… she replied “One in Twelve!  One in Twelve!”  I had no idea what that meant, then she said: “The doctor just called and said only one out of twelve lymph nodes had cancer!!!” 

This is HUGE news!  This determines how the treatment will go!  This doesn’t change anything about her being in a Stage II cancer.  We’re ok with that!  What it DOES mean is that the survival rate for a “One in Twelve” is very high!  And Patty, being the fighter that she is, can kick this cancer’s butt!!!

This is HUGE news!!!

3 thoughts on “One in twelve!!!

  1. Ed, thank you so much for posting this good news. I can only imagine what Patty’s “Happy Dance” looks like!
    Patty, stay strong and keep up the fight. Maybe you can add some of those Jazzercise kicks & punches to your dance to really show the cancer who’s boss!
    Myron & I are thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need anything.
    –Patti & Myron

  2. Okay, here’s my Happy Dance Visual:
    Both arms over the head, Double fist pumping, circular hip action, one foot down at a time, HUGE SMILE!!!

    I am so HAPPY to hear this Awesome NEWS!!! Blessings are so sweet!!!

    • Kathy, you’re pretty close with your visual! The only thing missing is she slowly spins in a circle and her feet are doing something like a bouncing march! You got everything else right on! Go figure!

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