I can’t believe it… I finally did it!


I can’t believe it!  A “Bucket List” thing for me has been to write a book, have it published and see my name on the cover.  It may sound silly, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  Well, it finally happened!  Yes… me!  I can check another thing off my “List!”  It’s been 7 years in the making.  Actually, it’s been more like 5 years “off and on” in the making.  Either way, it’s done!

Patty knows this has been a goal of mine for years.  She’s always been the encouraging wife and has had no issues with me documenting “Our Story” into book form.  What made this project even more interesting for me was way back I had learned that Patty kept a journal of her experiences while going through this trial.  Knowing that a journal is a very personal and private thing, I held back asking if I could read it, but eventually built up the nerve to ask.  I explained that her journal may add additional insight into her side of the story if I added it to the blog or… ultimately a book.  When I approached her in that manner, she had no problem at me looking at it if I felt it could help others.   I read it and, Wow!  I felt it would add so much.  So, the next year, as time would allow, I spent weeding through her journal.  Fortunately her journal was dated so it wasn’t too hard inserting her parts as everything lined up with the blog fairly easily.

This “Labor of Love” has been quite the project for me.  Finding time to write was probably the hardest part.  But, the bottom line is that it’s now completed.  As they say in the movie business, “It’s in the can!”

The book “My Wife has Breast Cancer, Our Story” is only available in an ebook form for now and is available on Amazon.  I’m putting the finishing touches in paperback form and that should be available sometime next week.

We’re hoping this book will reach people who are looking for some insight of what can happen when you’re diagnosed with breast cancer. From the initial diagnosis to treatment planning to anxiety to fear to surgeries to chemotherapy to hair loss to breast reconstruction to living life and everything in between.  The goal is to be real with our story and touch others going through battle.

Everyone’s story and journey is going to be different and ours is one that is specific to us.  Some experiences may be easier and some harder.  The bottom line is we’re all in this together and if this book can help in any way, mission accomplished.

My Wife has Breast Cancer, Our Story is available on Amazon.com.  Here’s the link:


I now need a new Bucket List accomplishment goal!