Email Ed and Patty

If you’re a breast cancer patient or the husband, boyfriend or caregiver of a breast cancer patient, and need to talk with someone, please feel free to email us.  We’d be honored to help you.

2 thoughts on “Email Ed and Patty

  1. Hello Ed,

    I’ve been reading your posts on the Network of Strength website. I was so impressed with what you wrote, that I just had to check out your blog. It’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing — Not always an easy thing to do, I’m sure.

    I too am a breast cancer survivor. It’s been 5 years since my diagnosis. And I too have a supportive, loving husband who has made all the difference in my survival. Please tell your lovely wife Patty to keep hanging in there. Things really do get better. She is so very blessed to have you as her husband.

    You are welcome to visit my blog, if you wish. It’s called “A New Shade of Pink.” ( I’ve also written a book called “Mammograms, Mastectomies, and a Spiritual Makeover.” There’s a whole chapter on how loving and supportive my husband was during my experience with cancer. You could no doubt relate to that!

    I wish you and your wife all the very best.

    Jill Nogales

  2. So happy for you both. I too am on Arimidex & very much looking forward to graduation in a mere 4 years & 9 months from now. I did however discover something I wish I had shared with you. It’s called Hot Flash Relief Spray & it is my new best friend. All natural, mostly peppermint oil. One spray on the back of your neck & boom no more hot flash. I have been giving it to everyone .

    Again Congrats on the 5 year mark. So happy for you.


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