El Dorado County is at it again!

The support for Patty over the past year has been amazing.  From the initial cancer diagnosis, through the mastectomy, through chemotherapy and even today!

 Two weeks ago we traveled to our old stomping grounds in the Lake Tahoe and Placerville areas of Northern California.  Our first stop was the office Patty retired from a year ago… the El Dorado County Department of Child Support Services.  As I said in an earlier post…

 We walked through the security door.  People heard Patty’s voice and immediately came to the front of the office and showered her with love, hugs and tears!  It was so obvious to me how much these people truly care about her!”

 If you’ve followed this blog from early on, you’ll remember these women (and a few men) from that office raising over $600 in Patty’s name for cancer research through the Susan Komen “Pink for the Cure.”  I remember both of us being so touched and humbled by their effort!  It was amazing!

 We have a very close friend named Becky.  Patty first met Becky when she went to work for the El Dorado County Dept. of Child Support Services as Becky was her immediate supervisor.  Over the years their relationship grew from a boss/subordinate relationship into a very close friendship and beyond!

 As you know by now, Patty is in the process of raising money to walk in the Susan Komen 3-day Race for the Cure in November of this year.  The entry fee/goal is to raise $2,300.00.  Patty just passed 50% of that goal and is sitting somewhere around $1,180.00 raised.  

 Well, Becky is up to her tricks… she has put together a fundraiser at the office to support Patty in her efforts to participate in the 3-day Race for the Cure.  Take a look at the display in the office…

Becky is holding a raffle of a Harry and David gift box of “munchies.” 

The drawing will be held on April 20th! 

It’s ironic.  The Susan Komen website is the first one Patty research when she was diagnosed with cancer.  The website was so helpful to her, as well as I.  She feels so good to be involved in raising money for this organization and even more so with help from all her friends!  Becky told Patty this will be the first of many fund raisers to come!

Becky… Thank you!  You’re the best!

Patty is officially a “Cancer Survivor!”


Patty had another doctors appointment yesterday.  This appointment was for her Oncologist to review the results of the CT Scan from last month… review the results of her mammogram from last week and go over her blood work from yesterday.  The results of these three tests were HUGE in the big picture of Patty’s recovery. 

Patty was a little on edge in anticipation of the test results.  All we’ve been praying for is good news.  We (or at least I) were somewhat confident that the appointment would be on a positive note, but one never knows as there have been some setbacks over the months. 

I went in to work this morning with plans of taking off at noon to take her to the 2:35 p.m. appointment.  I left work shortly before noon, pulling onto our street around 12:40.  As I drove down the street I saw Patty walking our dog Molly.  I looked at her and thought: “Man, she really looks good!  You’d never know what she’s been through the past 10 months!”  She had a spring in her step and that big smile on her face!

We left for the doctor’s office a little before two o’clock.  I could feel that darned elephant in the room had joined us for the drive.  By the time we found a place to park and walk up to the office, we were right on time.  They called us in right away.  As usual, the nurse weighed Patty before taking us to the examining room and I think we were both shocked that she hadn’t gained a pound!  I don’t understand how she could not have gained a pound with all the food she’s been packing away.  Go figure!

Our oncologist came in shortly thereafter.  Poor thing had some kind of virus so she didn’t get too close to Patty.  But… she couldn’t have been happier with Patty’s progress!  She said the mammogram of her right breast looked great!  As we already knew, the results of the CT Scan were perfect!  Most important for this appointment… the tumor  markers were normal!!!  Tumor markers are a screening that’s done either through blood  or through a urine sample.  Tumor markers are substances produced by tumor cells or by other cells of the body in response to cancer.  Normal markers mean no cancer cells!!!  Bottom line… Patty is now officially cancer free!!!

This is such huge news for Patty!!!  The oncologist said she doesn’t need to see Patty for another three months.  At that time, she won’t have to do any blood work or anything prior to the appointment.  The doctor just wants to see her and she where she’s at.  Awesome!  The next test Patty has is not until June when the pulmonary specialist wants to do a chest x-ray.  This means Patty can just focus on her recovery for the next four months and not work about anything else!  

On our drive home yesterday, Patty said: “I feel different!  I officially feel like a cancer survivor!!”  

 Guess what… that darned elephant moved out and rented a place down the street.  We know he’ll pop in for unexpected visits in the future, but for now it’s a great feeling to see him take residency somewhere else!!!