Praise God!!!

Patty and Avery were both pretty happy after today’s doctors appointment!

You can tell by the title of this post (and also from this picture)  today’s appointment was good!

Patty woke up this morning frightened to learn the results of Tuesday’s CAT Scan.  She wears her emotions on her face and it was pretty obvious how she was feeling.  Thank God Patty now watches Avery during the day as that precious granddaughter of ours keeps Patty’s mind from spinning!  Still, her 11:00 appointment couldn’t come soon enough!

I took today off to support Patty with whatever the scan results revealed.  Even though I was pretty confident that the results would come back good, I woke up this morning a little scared thinking “what if I was wrong!”  I took Molly for a long walk this morning and thought things out as well as had a comforting discussion with God.  By the time I got home I felt confident that I could deal with and support Patty with whatever the results revealed.

We packed Avery up and were on our way for the appointment around 10:15, arriving at the doctor’s office a little before 11:00.  We had about a 15 minute wait before being called back.  We learned that Avery is a magnet for nearly anyone within eye shot of her as she had the entire waiting room hovering around us saying what a cute and happy baby she is!  Of course, Avery smiled and flirted with everyone!

The moment of truth finally came!  We walked back to the exam room and were met by the Pulmonary Specialist within minutes.  He is the nicest man!  His presence makes you feel comfortable the moment he walks in the room!  We chatted for a few minutes, he looked at the scan and said: “Well Patricia.  My radiologist is very comfortable with the results.  He doesn’t see anything.  I don’t see anything.  Everything looks clear!!!”  Praise God!

Today was just huge in the big picture of our journey!  The clear CAT Scan means we’re now done with the treatment phase!  Looking forward, Patty will see her oncologist every three months for the next year.  She’ll see the pulmonary specialist in six months and at that time all he’ll want to do is a chest x-ray as opposed to another CAT Scan.  If things are still looking good she won’t need another scan or chest x-ray for another year! 

Thanks again for all your support and prayers!  We’re firm believers in the power of prayer.  We’re even more confident that God has been with us this entire journey!

Patty said she wants to toast today with some champagne!  We’ll see if her taster is up for it!

Only two more to go!

    Here’s that smiling face getting chemo number four!!!  It’s hard to see, but if you look closely you can see a pink sticker on the left side of her chest… it’s a sticker that our granddaughter, Mia, gave Patty to keep her brave during her treatments!  Patty wears the stickers every time!

Another week has passed!  That means one week closer to getting through the chemo.  In fact, as of today we have six weeks to go! 

Ok… today was chemo #4!  Two more to go!  You can look at the time left however you’d like… 6 weeks… or 42 days… or roughly 1008 hours… or, we can take it a step further… roughly 60,480 minutes… you get the point.  Obviously, we’re excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that dim light is getting brighter! 

Patty had her chemo today and, as with past infusions, it went as smooth as possible.  Before going through this journey, I hadn’t given the “infusion” much thought.  But yesterday, while we were in the chemo room and Patty was getting her infusion, it dawned on me that the actual “treatment” atmosphere was very relaxing.  One would think that the room and experience would be a total downer, but it’s anything but that!  Bright… a lot of windows and everyone that works there is so upbeat!  Yesterday the room was packed!  Standing room only!  There must have been 20 people getting their infusion when we got there!  On one hand it’s sad to see so many people going through this with every cancer imaginable, but it’s good to see they’re getting the best treatment the

This was a fairly “normal” week for us.  Patty keeps getting stronger day by day.  She really tries to take advantage of those good days.  I was impressed this week when she went to Jazzercise twice!  I don’t know how she did it, but she did.  The women at Jazzercise who know her were really excited to see her back!  She still hits the wall about 2 or 3 in the afternoon and is pretty much down for the remainder of the day.  I do have to say that Patty’s really a trooper.  She tries to go longer, but it’s pretty easy to see when she’s “done.”  We  went to a memorial this past week for a friend of mine who passed away.  The memorial was in the evening so patty rested most of the day so she’d have the energy to go.  She did really well and lasted until around 7 p.m. then it was time to go. 

It’s pretty crazy how your life goes on hold when cancer comes into your life.  When I say “on hold” I mean on hold!  When we first moved back to town, we figured we’d live in the 708 sq. ft. condo for a couple of months to get settled then start looking for a larger place.  We just started looking when cancer decided to pay us a visit.  We thought it’d be smart to put house hunting “on hold” until we got through this.  So we’re living on top of each other for the time being.  (Hey… it’s working!)  We normally take some type of vacation during the summer…. on hold.  Any of you who know us know that we LOVE to cook and love our wine!  “On hold!”  We LOVE going out to different events… street fairs… live music… Charger games… “on hold!”  It’s hard to make plans to do things because we’re not sure how Patty will be feeling.  Please don’t think that I’m complaining… Patty and I have talked about this a lot.  It is what it is… we’ll make up for lost time when we’re through this stage of the fight.  We realize that we’ll never be through this… there will be CT scans every three to six months for years to come. 

A good thing about this week is that Patty’s “taster” has come back!  That means we get to have “real food!”  We actually went out to dinner the other night!  What a treat!  When Patty’s taster comes back, she eats really well.  She’s lost so much weight throughout this journey!  I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d hear Patty say: “I got on the scale this morning and I gained a pound!”  And be excited about it!  Damn… just when I think I’ve got her figured out!

So, four treatments down and two to go!