Life is getting better every day!

As much as I try to be diligent about keeping current on this blog, I’m finding that lately it’s been difficult.  I could make excuse after excuse, but that’s all they’d be… excuses.

Life has been absolutely great for me and Patty.  We’re still settling into the new house.  We have half the boxes in the garage unpacked and tomorrow I’m attacking the rest.  We can fit one car in the garage as it is, but the goal is to get both in!  It my sound stupid, but I’m really excited to clean the garage!

Patty is recovering more and more every day.  She still has the problem with the neuropathy in her feet.  She got in to see the neurologist last week and it was a good and bad news prognosis.  The good news is that eventually the neuropathy will diminish.  Notice I used two italicized words in that sentence… “Eventually” because there’s no telling how long it will take and “diminish” because it may not completely go away.  I guess that was the bad news.   The neurologist did say, speaking in general terms, the neuropathy “peaks” around six months after the final chemotherapy infusion.  Patty will hit the six month mark on the 14th of this month.  We’re just hoping things start getting better soon.  Patty said it can get painful at times.  As with this entire journey, patience is a good character trait!

Patty saw the reconstruction surgeon again this week.  She got the best news ever!  Her incision from the mastectomy from last July has finally healed!!!  It took nearly 10 months, but the surgeon was very pleased that it’s finally healed!  He said they can start the reconstruction process anytime she’s ready.  We’ve planned our trip to Kauai in late June so she wants to wait until after our trip to start the reconstruction process.  She doesn’t want anything to interfere with our trip!  I totally agree!  The reconstruction will require a few surgeries and the surgeon said he expects the process to be completed by the end of the year.

As I said in the last post, Patty has decided to go “au natural” and no longer wear her wig.  She looks awesome!  She was cute the other day.  I got home from work and Patty was on the sofa, reading.  I looked at her and she had put some gell on her hair and it was all spiked up.  It looked great!!!  Real sassy!  So here you go… Patty’s new look!  This picture was taken last weekend with our granddaughter, Mia.

Speaking of our granddaughter, Mia, we had a driving trip to Phoenix this past weekend to visit Patty’s son, Nate, his wife Julie and Mia.  Nicole, Joey and Avery also drove out. The drive from San Diego to Phoenix is very doable, about six hours.  The trip was two-fold… one to celebrate Nate’s birthday, and two, for Patty to have both her kids together for a few days.  We had a low-key, but fun weekend.  I have to say that Patty was in complete Heaven all weekend.

I experienced a “real moment” while at Nate’s.  Nate’s house is set up in the Great Room style with the living room, kitchen dining room all in one.  I was in the kitchen and I looked over and saw Patty on the couch.  She was laughing with that contagious laugh she has.  She had one granddaughter on each side of her and they were flanked by Nicole and Nate.  Patty had such a huge smile on her face, I could tell that at that very moment,  life couldn’t get any better for her.  Suddenly I realized how fortunate we have been.  Honestly, I had no idea a year ago if Patty would even be with us at this time and now look at her!  She’s full of life and feeling so good!  I snuck out of the house for a moment and had a quick talk with God and thanked him for Patty’s health and how well she’s doing.  She’s doing so well!!!

Mother’s Day is Sunday.  I mentioned in the last post that Major League Baseball is honoring cancer patients and survivors on Sunday.  Susan Komen for the Cure has contacted a number of breast cancer survivors to be honored at the Padres vs. Diamondbacks baseball game Sunday.  Patty gets to go onto the field with other survivors to be honored before the game.  At the last-minute, Komen asked that “co-survivors” (aka ME) can accompany the survivors onto the field.  We’re really looking forward to this event!  I’ll make sure to take pictures!

One last thing before I end this post… I wanted to thank those of you who have been faithfully following our ride!  A couple of week ago I made  the “5000 hit’s” club on this blog.  I know that 5000 isn’t a huge number, but for me, I would have never guessed that many people would be following our lives.  When I started this blog, my intent was to keep our friends up to date on Patty’s progress.  It’s still my intent, but I’ve learned that I’m also touching people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are following us for information as well as support.  This blog has gone well beyond my wildest dreams.  I follow the origin of hits to this blog and I’m getting people following us worldwide!  I’ve seen return hits from the U.K., Canada, Algiers, Africa, Brazil, Argentina to name a few.  Of course there’s many many hits from throughout the United States.    From some towns I’ve never heard of.  It’s pretty amazing!

Thank you!