Champagne anyone?


Here’s Patty the other night just “macking” on the largest piece of bread pudding I’ve ever seen!  Her taster is definitely on the mend!


Patty and I are settling into our state of “new normal!”  Patty is slowly getting stronger and stronger each day.  She still get’s tired by the end of the day.  Her attitude has been so awesome since getting the good news the other day regarding her “cancer free” CAT Scan.  She’s so optimistic now.  I love it!  Her taster is slowly getting close to normal.  The fuzz on her head is still pretty slow to produce some real hair, but we know it’ll come in soon.  Poor thing, she lost the last eyelash holdout this morning.  She tried getting some fake eyelashes the other day, but it looked pretty weird!  We’ll just have to be patient. 

The big question was the other night when we celebrated the CAT Scan results.  I ran to the store to pick up dinner and grabbed a bottle of Patty’s favorite champagne… Gloria Ferrar Sonoma Brut.  I had it nice and chilled in the fridge.  I pulled it out around 6 that evening and showed it to her and asked: “Well, do you think you’re ready to try some?”  She lit up and said she’d try it, but no promises.  I poured both of us a glass.  She commented on how pretty the bubbles were but was a little afraid to taste it.  But you know Patty… she took a sip… I watched in anticipation of her reaction… She lit up and said: “Oh how I’ve missed that!  It taste wonderful!!!”  Patty loved it!  She was careful since she hasn’t had anything to drink since June of 2010!  She had two glasses and enjoyed every sip!

Patty has a couple of doctor appointments this week but nothing to earth shattering.  She has a mammogram, an appointment with the reconstruction surgeon and an appointment with our general practitioner.  Like I said, nothing too earth shattering.

So, since we had the great results the other day, we’ve notice that the “Elephant in the room” has gone away!  It’s a good feeling to not have him around! 

Life is good!