We want to help you… email us.

The Lodi Zinfest – 2009

Patty and I talked last night about this blog. I was telling her that I hoped I was making a difference for people by telling the story of her, and our, battle with breast cancer from the beginning to present time. She immediately said she believed I was. I hope I am.

 I told Patty there are really only three reasons you’d read this blog: 1) You’re a friend or family member wanting to know how Patty is doing; 2) You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and you’re searching for information; or 3) You’re the husband, boyfriend, caregiver of someone diagnosed with breast cancer and you’re searching for information.

Patty and I have really wanted to give back and help people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as give back to their husbands, boyfriends and/or caregivers. Thinking about the reasons why someone would read or follow this blog made us think… this blog is a great avenue to help others.

So, I’m just going to throw this out to anyone reading this blog:   If you’re going through the battle with breast cancer and want to talk… email us. It’s as simple as that. I know it’s difficult to contact us through the “comment” field at the end of a post since those “comments” are public.  Email is private. Email us about anything!  Concerns, fears, triumphs… whatever.  We’ll respond to your email as best we can from what we’ve experienced.  Every cancer is different. Every treatment is different. But sometimes, it just helps talking to someone about it.  We know… we’ve been there.

We want to help!  Email us… Ed-Patty@att.net.