I’m honored!

Three to four weeks ago I was contacted by a woman named Alexandra Gekas.  Alexandra is a writer for Woman Day Magazine.  She was writing a story for Womansday.com titled “Men who Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer.”  She called to interview me regarding my blog and wanted to feature it in her story with four other men.

I am absolutely honored that someone finds my blog interesting enough to actually write about it in an online publication and feature it in a story.

The story came out last Friday, October 21st.  As I said, I’m honored they included me in a story about men who support the fight against breast cancer.  I’m even more honored that they put me in a category with men who are in the “Who’s Who” of men against breast cancer.  I’m in the story with Mitchell Ashley, founder and blogger of BreastCancerForHusbands.com;  Woody Fraiser, Co-Founder of MenforWomenNow.org; Marc Heyison, Founder of MenAgainstBreastCancer.org and Eric Brinker, National Board Member of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  I have so much respect for these men and what they’ve accomplished, and now, I’m one of them!  I couldn’t be prouder!

Take a look at this story:




7 thoughts on “I’m honored!

  1. Congratulations Ed! I can’t think of someone more fitting to receive such an honor. I just think what you started is so inspirational. I can’t wait to read the book of your combined journey. You’re just awesome and keep up the good work!

  2. I couldn’t be prouder. So happy I can call you family, you have alway’s taken such good care of Patty. Love you both so much. Aunt Carol

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