Cancer testing never ends!

This is how my morning started:

“Good morning Lord.  It’s me, Ed.  Lord, as you know, Patty has an appointment with her oncologist this morning.  She’s feeling pretty anxious.  She’s nervous that her blood-work will come back showing the cancer has returned.  Lord, I pray to you that your Holy Spirit is within Patty’s heart and you give her comfort and a big hug so she knows that you’re with her.  I pray to you that her test come back clear of any cancer.  Thank you for everything you do for us everyday!  In the Lords Name I pray!  Amen.”

That pretty much says what’s going on this morning.  Patty has an appointment with her oncologist.  The last one was back in June.  That appointment was pretty low-key.  The oncologist just wanted to see Patty and do a quick check and see how she was doing.  Today’s appointment is much more in-depth.  Patty had to give a blood sample yesterday which will be scanned. analyzed and whatever else they do to determine if Patty is cancer free.  I know they will check for “tumor markers” which are substances found in the body (blood or urine) when cancer is present. I’m not sure what the other tests will be done.

Patty’s been doing so well.  Her chest x-ray back in July was clear and so far all the doctors who have seen her are very happy with her progress.  I’m sure things will turn out fine but I won’t take any chances… that why my morning started out with a prayer.

I’ll keep you posted on the news.

4 thoughts on “Cancer testing never ends!

  1. I know these tests are anxiety-producing, but it does not help to worry. As my surgeon used to say, “do not worry until I tell you that you have something to worry about”. Easier said than done, but prayer and/or meditation does wonders to “take you away” and ease the anxiety. Best of luck to you both!
    Peg Feodoroff

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