Anxiety free… again!

Here’s how things went after Patty’s appointment with the oncologist: 

“Good morning Lord!  It’s me again!  Thank you for everything you do for me and Patty everyday!  Thank you for Patty being clean of cancer.  Everything came back clear and there are no indications of cancer in her body!  Thank you again for everything you do for us everyday!  In the Lords Name I pray!  Amen!” 

Patty and I fought horrible traffic on the way to the oncologists this morning and made it to her 9 a.m. appointment.  We arrived straight up at 9 a.m.  (the 20 minute drive took us an hour!)  Needless to say, Patty was really stressed by the upcoming appointment as well as traffic.  It was pretty evident when the nurse took Patty’s blood pressure and it was off the charts!   

Waiting is always the worst.  We sat in the examining room for a good half hour before the oncologist came in.  She’s a wonderful woman that we respect very much!  Wonderful or not, it’s pretty clear that Patty doesn’t like to see her!  She sat on her stool, read through some papers, looked at Patty and said:  “Everything is great!  Your blood-work looks just fine!  Your chest x-ray from two months ago is clear!  I’m very optimistic that you’re going to be fine!  I couldn’t be happier for you!”  That’s all she needed to say!  Patty was so relieved.  (Of course I was also)  The oncologist examined Patty and we chatted about things other than cancer and she left. 

I haven’t seen Patty do the “Happy Dance” in a long time, but when the oncologist left the room, Patty sprung off the exam table and broke out in her “happy dance!”  It was too cute! 

Patty doesn’t need to see her oncologist for another three months so we should be anxiety free for a while!   

Life is good!

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