One step forward… two steps back!

As Benjamin Franklin said:   “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.”  Just when I’m getting comfortable with where Patty is in her recovery and certain that things are going great… something happens.  Another challenge!  Yesterday was no different!  I have to say this breast cancer ride with Patty has been just that!  A ride! 

Patty has been doing so well.  Everyday she makes progress in her recovery.  There are actually short times in my day when I look at her and forget what she’s been through… but then reality always brings it back.  She’s been through so much over the past 17 months… the early mis-diagnosis; the mastectomy; chemotherapy; hair loss; another surgery due to problems during early reconstruction; fainting spells; loss of appetite; reconstruction surgery… etc.  There were times early on in her diagnosis when I really didn’t know if she’d be with us 17 months later.  But here she is!  And I need to keep that in perspective!

 As you’re aware, Patty had her reconstruction surgery one month ago.  It was a long surgery and somewhat painful recovery.  She was strong and a trooper and hung in there and did what she needed to do with little complaint.  Two weeks ago the doctor started adding saline to her implant.  Patty was so happy and excited about the whole process.  For a woman, losing a breast is obviously very difficult.  Suddenly seeing a breast again after having the reconstruction surgery was an amazing thing for Patty.  

 Patty had an appointment with the doctor yesterday to have more saline added to her implant.  (Here’s where the title of this blog applies!)  Long story short, there is a one-way valve on her implant where the doctor inserts a needle to add the saline.  Apparently the implant had moved/shifted to a point where the doctor was not able to locate the valve!  So… what does this mean?  It means Patty is scheduled for an ultrasound this afternoon where the doctor will try to locate the valve.  Once located… Patty will have a “procedure” (which is another word for surgery) to move the implant back to where it’s supposed to be, to be able to continue to add saline.  

 Needless to say, Patty is extremely frustrated right now!  I don’t blame her.  I’ll admit, I’m frustrated also.  Patty has been going through this battle for 17 months now!  She’s tired of not feeling well all the time.  I know her… she’s strong and strong-willed!  She’ll get through this “bump.”  She will!  But I can’t blame her frustration.  

 We don’t know if she’ll have the “procedure” today or if it will be scheduled for a future date.  But for now… One step forward, two steps back!


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