One step forward… two steps back, part II

Patty and Mia on the 4th of July, 2010

Those of you who know me know that my glass is always half full!  Always!  So I’m trying to put perspective on the outcome of Patty’s appointment today.  The ultrasound didn’t go as well as we hoped.  It turns out that the entire implant has rolled to the point where the mysterious valve is now on the back side against her chest wall.  So… the “procedure” the doctor spoke about yesterday has turned into surgery.  No quick procedure in her office… a little longer procedure at the hospital.  Surgery date is September 8th.

I guess one good thing is that it’s an outpatient surgery.  Another good thing is that the doctor said she couldn’t make any promises, however once in surgery, she’d see if she could fill the implant to the exact size as the other breast.  If so, there would be no future surgeries…. at least that would be the plan.  She emphasized that she wouldn’t know if it was possible until she got a good look at everything.

As I said in the previous post, Patty’s pretty frustrated.  We have so much going on right now.  1)  I’m going to be changing jobs in the next few weeks which means I’ll be changing employer insurance.  Obviously insurance needs to be in place for any future health related things for Patty so timing on this surgery is important.  2)  Our granddaughter, Mia, who is six and lives in Phoenix asked “Grandma Patty” if she could go to Phoenix to be with her on grandparents day.  Hmmmm… Grandparents Day just happens to be September 8th!  That trip is canceled.  3)  Having surgery next week is a pretty big setback on Patty’s recovery.  She was hoping to be ready to go back to watching Avery by the end of September.  Now it looks like it’ll be more like the middle of October.

Needless to say, Patty’s going through a lot right now.  “One more surgery”  is the last thing she wanted to hear.  But she’s realized that this is not under her control.  It’s just another hurdle in the road to recovery.

So, here I am… Mr. Optimistic who’s glass is always half-full grasping for something  positive out of all this…  Patty is alive and doing well!!!

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