It’s going to be a great weekend!

This was take last Sunday at a concert in the park!

I woke up early as usual this morning and Patty tossed and turned in bed from about 5:00 a.m. until she gave up trying to sleep around 7:00 a.m.  You could just feel that ol elephant in the room with us.  She got her coffee and read the paper in bed.  You could literally hear the clock ticking every minute away in anticipation of her appointment at 9:45.  Those minutes just dragged.  Patty was pretty quiet all morning which is totally unusual behavior for her!

We left the house around 9:00 a.m… me, Patty and the elephant.  Pretty quiet drive to the doctors office.  They took Patty in on time and she was out within minutes.  Next trek was upstairs to the doctors office to hear the results of the chest x-ray.  Again… very quiet after the nurse took Patty’s vitals.  There wasn’t much room in the examining room as the elephant took up most of the space!  You know me, I tried to break the silence with a little humor, but Patty wanted no part of it.  The agonizing thing was that her chest x-ray was right in front of us on the monitor!  Patty did all she could to not look at it.  Even if she did, she’d never make any sense of it.  The minutes ticked away… tick, tick, tick, waiting for the doctor.  I told Patty it was great that we didn’t have to wait a week for the results but it seemed like we were living in a prolonged drum roll!

The doctor came in shortly after 10:00 a.m.  He is the nicest man I’ve ever met.  Amazing bed-side manner.  He somewhat reminds me of Mr. Rogers in a white smock.  He small talked with Patty for a few minutes then did a quick exam.  He then looked up at the monitor, zoomed in to take a look at details in the x-ray.  He looked at Patty and said: “Young lady… this looks wonderful!  I don’t see anything we need to be concerned with.  Your x-ray looks perfect!”  Ahhhh,… great news!  Patty shed a few tears of joy.  The doctor said we’ll repeat this in six months but until then, she has nothing to worry about!

Patty was much more animated on the drive home!  The “elephant in the room” stayed behind!

It’s looking like we’re going to have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “It’s going to be a great weekend!

  1. Too awesome. Of course I knew all would be OK. So glad the elephant is missing….
    I love you guys so much. We have a house sitter, we are coming for a visit.. Love you Sandi

  2. Whew! I am breathing a sigh of relief too! Patty your hair is beautiful I really like the “new doo”….

    See you soon my friend! Let’s celebrate!!!!

    Love ya,

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