Another test…

Jayne, Patty, Nicole and Angie after a "Fun Run" in Scripps Ranch. Notice the beers at 8:30 a.m.!

Even though it’s been since mid-December since Patty’s last chemotherapy infusion, there are still regular tests she needs to go through.  This morning she has a chest x-ray.  Remember the “red herring” PET Scan Patty had last year that showed the cancer had metastasized to her chest wall?  Then later, a CAT Scan showed there was no metastases?  Well, to be on the safe side, the doctors want to do a chest x-ray to confirm the cancer was contained in her breast.  As the doctors say: “It’s just taking things off the checklist to be safe.”  Patty understands these tests need to be done and she’ll be having tests for years to come.  It still doesn’t make it any easier.

I think any person who’s gone through the battle of breast cancer, or any cancer for that fact, greatly fears the chance of reoccurrence. It’s one of those thoughts in your mind that is always there, a form of paranoia that never goes away.   From what Patty’s has told me, the cancer “thoughts” pop in and out when you have unusual aches and pains.  “Oh no… is that cancer what’s causing that pain in my wrist?”  But what really makes the cancer “thought” rear it’s ugly head is when the doctor’s schedule tests!  There’s the anxiety days before the test then the anxiety waiting for the test results which can sometimes take up to a week to get the word.

Those of you who know Patty know that she’s a very independent strong woman.  Not much gets to her.  Facing the reality and possibility of death turned Patty to her new strength… God.  She explained to me that God has worked in amazing ways related to the anxiety she’s been experiencing in the past few days.  She asked Him for strength and comfort… Out of the blue, He gave her an email from a friend who moved away who, in turn, gave her scripture to read that addressed Faith and the anxiety she’s been feeling.  Shortly after the email, she received an unexpected phone call from a friend who has been battling cancer and finished her chemotherapy treatments about three weeks ago.  Their conversation was very healing for Patty.

So, this morning is another test.  I feel pretty confident that the results will be good.  The good thing is that she has her chest x-ray and then meets with the doctor immediately following the test.  No wait time, which is awesome!  Once we get through this morning, we’ll be able to focus on the beginning of the reconstruction process that starts in two weeks!   More on that later…

Wish Patty luck  and I’ll keep you posted on how it went!


3 thoughts on “Another test…

  1. Patty, I played 125 holes of golf on June 23, 2011 for the SLT Cancer League. We raised over $12,000.00 that day. You were on my list of people I thought of that day. Take Care everything will be fine. Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way. Mary Luckel

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