Patty in the Wai'oli Hui'ia Christian Church in Hanalai.

If you remember sometime back in an earlier post when Patty was in the throes of chemo, we made the decision that we were going to make our yearly trip to Kauai in 2011 come hell or high water!  Well… we did it!  We just returned from eight amazing days in Kauai!  I thought of putting up a post the night before we left but it dawned on me that wouldn’t be too smart.  Why would I tell the world that we’re going to be away from our home for 8 days?  Being an ex-cop… I should know better than that!

We left bright and early on last Tuesday morning, June 21st.  Patty’s sister Dottie was so generous to donate some of her frequent flyer miles to the cause and flew us both First Class to Kauai and back!  What a treat!  A treat to see what the “others” have!  I mean… wide seats… leg room… real food with real silverware… real cloth napkins… oh and did I mention free drinks?  Champagne… mimosas… more champagne… more mimosas!

I’m going to try to keep this post brief and will elaborate more in future posts, but we had such a good time!  Some highlights… a condo with a lanai overlooking the ocean…

We woke up to this sunrise our first morning. Gorgeous!

We somehow ended up at a Kapa’a Rotary Wine and Pu Pu party and felt like wedding crashers…  Only us… but we had a ball!

The server took this picture for us. Everyone behind us knows each other... we just showed up for the wine and pu pu's!

One night we ended up in a local’s bar (that our Hanalai pastor recommended)… This is another story!

I couldn't miss the opportunity to take this picture of Patty hanging out at the Tahiti Nui Lounge in Hanalei with a "local"! She almost looks "local", or is it "loco"?

This trip was to celebrate several things; first of all we celebrated Patty’s one year cancerversary on June 22nd.  Second, we celebrated our 17 wedding anniversary on the 25th.  Since this past year has been such a trial for us, we felt this anniversary was special… it was a new start for us.  As such, we renewed our vows in the Wai’oli Hui’ia Church in Hanalai on Saturday, June 25th.  The Pastor, Ahu Alpha Goto performed an amazing traditional Hawaiian ceremony.  He’s a really cool guy and from what we heard at the Tahiti Nui, he’s one of the best surfers on the north shore of Kauai.

Here's a picture of the historic church.

There are so many blanks to fill in, but I wanted to keep this post short.  The bottom line is we had an amazing trip… just what the doctor ordered.  We were finally able to relax and take a week away from cancer.  Yes, cancer was an occasional subject of conversation, but the topic of vacation and relaxation came up more.

3 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Aloha! Sounds like a great Ed & Patty trip. Especially the first class ride over to the Island. That sounded like a party in itself. Way to go you guys!

    Love ya,

  2. What amazing pictures and Patty my Best GF you are soooooooooooo beautiful. And all that blond hair, WOW. I love your dress. I can’t wait to see you and we keep talking about coming, as soon as we can figure out a good time. I think I can get my PSitter. I miss you so much. Pam is doing so good. You would never know she had chemo. She has a week off and then goes in for more next Monday. We are going to our neices renewal of vows (Pam and Debbie are very close) and Pam wants me to drive her to Morro Bay on the 16th of July we will be back on the 19. I am hoping we can come down and see you & the house in late July or early Aug.
    Lets talk about it. When to church today and going to Henry’s for dinner tonight. Love you, Sandi & Les

  3. ALOHA you two!!! OH….I am so jealous!!! I keep trying to talk my husband into going back to Kauai because it’s such a beautiful island and as my mom told me, like the old Hawaii used to be. Maybe I’ll get him to go next year. I was told that this year I had to find a place where we could get away in September for about 5 days. Of course I immediately went to Kauai but was later disappointed when I was told it had to be within the nearby states. Isn’t Kauai nearby? It’s really only 1 state away from Arizona! 🙂

    So glad to hear you had a wonderful time! You both look so great and relaxed. Patty, you look absolutely beautiful and glowing. I absolutely LOVE the chapel you had renewed your vows in. What a picture perfect ceremony! I’m so happy for you both!!! I just had to photograph the chapel when I was there and if I remember right it was in the movie Donovan’s Reef or South Pacific.

    I’m also glad you gave us a description of how the upper class flies! 🙂 If I ever get the chance to upgrade, I’m doing it. From what it sounds like, it’s worth it!

    Big hugs – Penny

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