“I could have sworn…”

Here's Patty and Avery at the Susan Komen salute to breast cancer survivors at Petco Park.

“I could have sworn my lymph nodes were swollen!”  That was Patty’s comment as we left her oncologist’s office this morning.  (by the way, have I ever told you that this woman just kills me!)

Patty had her six month follow-up with her oncologist this morning.  Needless to say, the past 48 hours have been filled with Patty’s anxiety of this pending appointment.  48 hours ago wasn’t too bad but as the appointment grew closer, so did her anxiety.  I think this is a normal reaction of anyone who has been through countless doctor appointments, tests, poking and prodding here and there and learning they’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  I’m sure this anxiety will be a precursor to every appointment from now forward.

Bottom line to today’s appointment… drum roll please… she’s doing great.  The oncologist is very pleased with how Patty is doing and how she looks.  The oncologist even said that Patty “looks healthy!”  What a good feeling.

Poor Patty… I know she agonized over this appointment and was certain that the cancer had returned.  Not that she’s been experiencing any symptoms or anything like that, it’s just the games that the mind plays.  The next appointment is in July with the pulmonary doctor to do a chest x-ray.  I know we’ll go through more anxiety, but you know what?  Patty is a very strong woman who will ace that test with flying colors!

Tomorrow is a big day for Patty.  She is meeting with her hair stylist to put some color on her grey hair.  She’s really excited.  I’ll post a picture for you tomorrow afternoon!

3 thoughts on ““I could have sworn…”

  1. Whew! I took a deep breath reading today’s blog…..glad Patty is in great shape…..Avery is soooo cute too. Yes, I am sure that the post tramatic stress of the last year is still very real and will be for very long time. Cancer is to the body what terrorists are to the world. We know the terrorits are out there and can strike at any time and it’s the same feeling with Cancer. Even though we have great screening processes in place and have ramped up our awareness, every now and then one of those f_ckers gets by us.

    Love you guys!

  2. Patty You and Avery look amazing!!!!!! So glad the appointment worked out. You are beautiful and healthy and going to HI!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures. We love you and will talk before you leave. I must say again, I love Ed’s writtings!!! He is so good. Love LesNSan

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