Moving represents so much more to us!

What a hectic week this has been and it’s only Tuesday.  We had the walk-through on the new place this past Sunday afternoon and signed our loan doc’s in blood that evening.  The buyer of our condo had their walk-through yesterday afternoon.  This morning I wired the balance of our closing costs to escrow.  Phew… that pretty much tapped our savings!    The exciting thing is we’re scheduled to close escrow and move on Thursday!!!

Moving into our new house is a big milestone for Patty and me.  I thank God we had the condo to live in the past 15 months.  The condo served its purpose.  But, moving into a single family residence represents so much more than the inconveniences of living in a 708 square foot, 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo.  It represents so much more than not having a back yard or a garage. So much more than frequently hearing the disturbing sounds from the neighbor above us and his girlfriend!    Moving represents me and Patty going forward with our lives!  It means putting breast cancer behind us and taking the next step to many years before us.

Patty and I have found we’re finally at a place in our lives that we’re able to plan the future.  Plans for today, tomorrow, the day after that and months and years ahead!  The house is just part of our master plan.

I posted a blog last year about making plans to go to Kauai this June.  It’s a trip we have tried to do yearly, but last year was out of the question since Patty was in the middle of her fight.   I have to admit, I was somewhat uneasy going through escrow and looking at the numbers thinking I wasn’t sure how we were going to afford Kauai.  I talked to Patty about the trip a couple of weeks ago, telling her that we may have to postpone the trip a few months just to be safe.  Patty had the perfect response… “I’m not postponing this trip.  Thinking about going to Kauai gave me something to look forward to during my battle.  I just can’t give it up.  We’ve gone through too much.  We deserve this!”  She was right.  How ironic, but she assured me that we could afford the trip which eased my mind.  Normally it’s the other way around.  Ok… I over reacted!  We’re going and we can’t wait!

I got home from work today and learned that we’re renters again!  Escrow on the condo closed today and we’re renting it back for a few days!  Thursday can’t come soon enough for us!  You figure 708 square feet of living space with 350 square feet of boxes!  If things go as planned, we fund tomorrow and record Thursday morning… then it’s ours!  Bring on our future!!!


One thought on “Moving represents so much more to us!

  1. Hi Ed & Patty,

    I got tired just reading all that you two have done to prepare for the BIG move! Don’t

    forget today until 8pm is free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s. That always makes any

    move seem like a happy one! There’s a few new flavors….one I’ve got to try called

    “Clusterfluff”. It’s peanut butter with clusters of carmel…YUM! Love to you, Christine!

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