A visit with the reconstruction surgeon…

Well, as I’ve said before, Patty is really doing well.  She’s got her energy back, her strength back and pretty much all her hair back… well… sorta.

She had an appointment with the reconstruction surgeon this past Wednesday.  If you recall, that darned incision hadn’t completely healed since July!!!  We were hoping she’d meet with the reconstruction surgeon this time and he’d say that she’s all healed and now they can start with the reconstruction.  Well, that didn’t quiet happen.  This time the surgeon said that she is “over healed!”  Go figure.  We don’t really know what that means other than we have to wait another month and see how things are doing.  Pretty disappointing since it’s warming up down here and I know Patty would really like to get in the pool!  I guess she has to be satisfied with cold showers to cool off for the time being!

I can say that this news isn’t getting her down in the least!  We have too much going on to, as she says:  “Sweat the small stuff!”


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