CAT Scan today!

Today is a very important day for Patty!  Today is the CAT Scan!  Poor thing is pretty freaked out about it.  I don’t blame her.  I’m confident things will be fine.  I think what’s weighing on her is that damned faulty PET Scan she had last June that showed the cancer had spread to her chest.  The doctors proved it to be faulty with other tests and a CAT Scan and as a result they have been treating her for “cure.”  I try to look at this in a logical manner, with facts to back up my decision.  The CAT Scan in July showed the cancer to be localized in her breast and nowhere else.  She had the mastectomy in late July which removed the tumor.  There were no “margins” which is the area where the breast was removed that could still have some cancer cells that they missed.  There was only one lymph node involved, the sentinel node which is the node closest to the tumor.  They took the next 11 lymph nodes in line from there.  Then she went through six grueling chemo treatments with TAC which is the strongest treatment they have.  I look at all those facts and to me, I can’t see how the cancer could have spread.  Maybe there’s more to it, but it just seems logical that they got everything. 

Remember in previous posts, I talked about the “Logical vs. Emotional?”  The “emotional” always wins over logic!  Here we are again.  I wish I had the right words to say to her to make this better, but I don’t.  I don’t even think there are words to make this better for her.  All I can do is be understanding of her feelings and support her as much as I can.

So, all I’m doing here is asking that you have positive thoughts and prayers for Patty that this test comes out with great results!  Her appointment is this morning at 10:40 and we get the results on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.

Wish us well!!!  Thanks!

1/18/2011, 12:40 p.m.:  OK, as they say in the movie business, “This one is in the can!”  Amazing how quickly they can do this scan!  We were there at 10:15… they called her name… Patty left with a nurse and she was back in 15 minutes.  Done.  She was doing much much better when the scan was over.  She said the anticipation of the scan was just killing her.  Now it’s the waiting game for two days.  11:00 a.m. Friday can’t come soon enough.  But, it’s done.  Whatever the results are, are in God’s hands now.  I’m confident the results will be great! 

Keep  those prayers coming her way!  Thank  you so much for everyone’s support!


One thought on “CAT Scan today!

  1. Prayers and the best of thoughts heading your way. Your latest post was right on.
    It’s so hard to win over the emotional part of this journey. We are all with you today and this whole week. I just feel my BFF has every chance of being clear with all the great care and treatments. Love to you guys, we are with you. Sandi and Les

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