Date night!

For Christmas, Patty gave me two tickets to see the musical West Side Story on Wednesday, January 5th.  She knew this was my favorite musical so it was the perfect gift!  As the day got closer, we both got excited, not just for the play, but I think more because we were going to have a night out!  Those who know us, know that Patty and I keep pretty busy.  It’s rare that we’re just sitting at home.  We’re always “out” somewhere!  But that was “pre-diagnosis!”  “Post-diagnosis” has been much different.  Post-diagnosis chemotherapy which left Patty with no energy what-so-ever.  Post-diagnosis has put our lives on hold for the past nine months.  Even if we did go out, it would only be for a short time.  “Post-diagnosis” also brought along that “elephant in the room.”  Anyway, we were really excited to have a night out!  

Patty has been feeling stronger and stronger every day since her last (and final) chemotherapy.  Well, this past Wednesday finally came.  Patty went out shopping earlier that day to buy a new outfit.  (Poor thing didn’t have any dressy clothes that fit her anymore since she lost so much weight!)   We both got ready to go.  We were like two kids getting ready for their first birthday party!  Once dressed, Patty came out into the living room.  She looked absolutely gorgeous!!!  A nice black skirt and black pumps and wore a black and white print sweater.  She wore her wig.  By looking at her, you’d never know what she has gone through the past 9 months!   Wow!  I think I already said this but man, she looked gorgeous! 

The play started at 7:00 p.m. so we went over to a downtown restaurant called Mr. A’s.  If you’ve never been, it sits on the top floor of a high-rise building on 5th Avenue.  It has the most amazing view of downtown San Diego, the bay, Point Loma and the airport.  It  is really an amazing view.  We sat at the bar overlooking this view.  We shared a light dinner and were on our way to the Civic Theater by 6:30.  The play started promptly at 7:00 and ended around 9:30.  We were home by 10:15. 

I just have to say that we had a great night!  I was out with my gorgeous wife!  I joked with Patty and asked: “What happened to chemo-wife?”  She told me that “chemo-wife” stayed home where she belonged!”  Tonight, I was out with my wife, Patty!  The awesome thing about this night was that the elephant in the room didn’t enter once!  The topic of cancer didn’t enter the picture.  It was just the two of us enjoying a “normal” night together!  This night reminded us of what life used to be!  We’re looking forward to doing this more often!


2 thoughts on “Date night!

  1. My Darling Friends, We are so happy you had your Big Night Out. I know you were the best looking couple in the room. I Love that play too and still have the 78 recording of the original movie. I am so glad it was a wonderful night. Have to try that restaurant when we come to visit. Been playing nurse with my husband. He has hurt his knee and hasn’t been able to get around. Going to eventually have a knee replacement this year. Take care my loves and we are anxiously awaiting your visit. Hugs, Sandi and Les

  2. I’m so glad that you guys had a great time out on the town. West Side….oh…I’m so jealous. I bet it was awesome! I’m really happy for you that you were able to just enjoy the night. I also think it was a great way to celebrate. Hugs to you both!

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