Adventures in chemo… the final saga!

We had really hoped that the “Adventures in Chemo” were over!  It’s turned out that three days after Patty’s infusion is her wost day.  So, she has her chemo every 21 days on a Tuesday and we can expect the worst on that following Friday.  This came true to form… again! 

Patty got up yesterday morning feeling ok.  Not great, but ok.  I had taken the day off from work expecting a potential problem.  She slept in late getting up after 10 a.m.  She had some oatmeal for breakfast and I made her a protein shake as a breakfast chaser.  I’ve realized that I’m turning into the “caretaker from hell.”  I’m all over her to make sure she drinking plenty of fluids and at least two protein shakes during the day.  My goal is to keep her hydrated and push as many calories into her as I can.  She’s a good patient and doesn’t complain too much.  Anyway, yesterday was going pretty well.  You could see she was pretty fatigued but she parked herself on the couch and we put on a movie.  Half way through the movie patty said she needed to go to the bathroom.  Ok… from past experience, I KNOW this is not good on “day three!”  I wish we could just put off any bathroom runs for one day, but Mother Nature doesn’t see things this way.  If you recall, last time I ended up removing the bathroom door because she kept fainting in the bathroom and lodging herself against the door and I couldn’t get in.  This time she promised to keep the door open.  So, off we went to the bathroom.  I stood out-of-sight outside the bathroom and let her do what she needed to do in “somewhat” of a private setting.  Not 15 seconds passed and I heard that oh so familiar “thump!”  I looked in and there was poor Patty on the floor!  Like in earlier posts, I won’t get into any details other than she had passed out and hit her head on the bathtub opening the incision on her forehead from weeks prior!!!  So, here we go again, back to urgent care.  Once there, the doctor took great care of her.  They immediately hooked her up to an IV which brought life and color back into her immediately. The poor thing had a pretty good goose egg on her forehead which she said hurt as well as she said her neck and shoulder hurt from the fall.  The doctor put a little “something special” into her IV which immediately took away any pain!  He then stitched up her forehead (only 9 stitches this time instead of 10) and we were on our way.  We only spent three hours at Urgent Care which was in and out in record time!

Patty had a good night sleep last night!  She needed the rest.  Today, she’s feeling pretty good.  Nowhere close to 100%, may 60% at best.  But, compared to yesterday, she’s feeling really good!

“Adventures in Chemo” as just that!  We kind of know what to expect, but it’s the “surprise in every package” that keeps us on our toes.  I thank God that this is it.  No future chemo’s mean no future bumps and knocks to her head!  Sometimes I ask myself: “Is chemo a friend or foe?”  I guess it’s both!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in chemo… the final saga!

  1. Ed, I’m so thankful you were there!!!! Like I told Patty you deserve a ribbon (or maybe something more substantial) as you have just been awesome through everything. Patty, just keep the mantra “Chemo is so done” in your head. It just gets better from here. I am so proud of both of you and I seriously doubt John and I could hold it together as well as you have. Can’t wait to see you. Love you. K.

  2. Oh my beautiful girlfriend, this rocky day of chemo is starting to be very ugly. I am so glad you are OK and this is the last fall. I am sorry you had to go back to the hospital and have more stiches. I remember being at emergency with Jeffry every friday night practically, getting him sewed up. Rest my darling and soon this will all be a faint memory. You’ve got an amazing caretaker and you both deserve a fabulous night out on the town. Soon Kiddo, soon!!! We love you both and will see you soon. Les and San

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