I admire my wife…

Patty truly amazes me every day!  She has a strength about her, both inside and out!  Sometimes I think I know why God chose to give her the cancer and not me.  Plain and simple… I wouldn’t do as well as her.  She’s already been victorious against cancer.  I’m learning that once diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s all about how you chose to walk through this journey.  Patty walks the walk!  She didn’t choose to be afflicted with breast cancer, but she did have a choice of how she would deal and cope with this difficult diagnosis.  She chose to not be filled with angst and bitterness wondering “why me?”  She chose to not be filled with denial, rage or depression.  Patty’s not allowing cancer to dictate who she is or how she’s going to live her life!  She’s faced this journey with courage, love, hope and Faith, the entire time keeping a sense of purpose and doing so with grace and dignity!  I truly admire my wife!!!

I wanted to let you know that Patty is doing really well.  She’s made a quick recovery from the surgery and  it looks like she’s turned the corner from the last chemo infusion and is slowly getting her strength back.  We’ve only got eight weeks to go until her last treatment!  Last night Patty said: “I can do anything for eight weeks!”  And, she can!


2 thoughts on “I admire my wife…

  1. So proud of you and your amazing spirit. So happy we are best friends.
    Have a wonderful week, give Avery a kiss for me. Looking forward to talking this weekend. Love and Hugs, Sandi

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