Introducing… Avery Nicole Cox!

Here’s the proud grandma holding our newest grandchild, Avery Nicole Cox!





This is what it’s all about!  The phone rang yesterday morning around 7:30 a.m.  Whenever the phone rings that early, Patty generally lays in bed and gives me privilege of answering.  Yesterday was unusual because the phone rang and she bounded out of bed like a woman on a mission.  It was like she knew what this call was about.  It was Nicole.  She announced that her water broke and Joey was out surfing and she couldn’t reach him.   Fortunately, Nicole lives less than ten minutes from us so we gladly zipped over to her house to give her support.  Once there, grandma (aka “Mom”) knew what to do to easy any apprehension Nicole may have had.  Everything was calm.  My job… to time the contractions.  I’ve done this before!  Joey  called shortly after we arrived and rushed home.   We followed them to the hospital and then, as with any birth, we were in the waiting game.  Of course Avery decided to take her time entering the new world.  Can you blam her?  She was all tucked away in a warm cosy place…

After a long day, Avery finally gave into Mother Nature and showed herself to the world! 

Patty was just beaming (as  you can see from this picture!)  She’s such proud grandma, times two!.  This is just what the doctor ordered for her!  Yesterday was an amazing day.  Whatever issues Patty and I are dealing with, suddenly disappeared!  It was  a great feeling, even if it was for one day!

Nicole is doing great and hopefully she and Joey got some rest last night because their lives will now change, forever!

Congratulations to Nic and Joey and also to the proud grandma!

One thought on “Introducing… Avery Nicole Cox!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!! What a wonderful gift. Patty….you are just beaming with happiness. Way too cool and welcome Avery!!

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