She’s doing great!

Patty and I, being the seasoned veterans that we are with chemo, somewhat knew what to expect this time around.  Well, kinda.  She had the infusion on Tuesday so, as we guessed, she felt great on Wed and Thursday.  Friday came around and we waited in anticipation for the chemo “bomb” to drop… but it didn’t!  Surprisingly she did really well Friday.  Go figure!  Ahh, but Saturday came around and she woke up feeling pretty fatigued.  It was expected.  Needless to say, it hit pretty hard on Saturday.  Not really any nausea, but definitely fatigue.  She stayed inside and watched movies most of the day and took naps in-between.  She woke up yesterday and said she felt great!  We went to church in the morning then stopped by Nicole and Joey’s house for a short time so Patty could see their nursery.  (By the way, they did a great job with it.  It’s definitely set up for little Avery who’s anticipated arrival should be any time now!!!)  We went home and watched a pathetic Charger game.  That aside, since this is about Patty, not the Chargers, she had a good day!  She tired out by the end of the day, but overall she is doing great!

The sad, and I think the most frustrating thing for Patty, is that her “taster” is gone again!   This will last a couple of weeks then it will slowly come back for a week.  We’ve found that only things that tastes ok to her are things that are sweet or fruity.  Also, she loves caramel!  So, with that, vanilla bean ice cream with caramel is the bomb!  She loves it! 

That’s about all for now…


2 thoughts on “She’s doing great!

  1. How great to read your story. Men often have so few places to find to help for their own needs.

    Your blog will be a great resource to many others who travel this journey after you.

    Be open and honest. What you feel and think, and how you deal with problems is helpful to others.


  2. Hey Kiddo you are the Bomb! So glad you are feeling better and that you have joined my group “ice cream junky”.. Loved the picture of you and me. That day was wonderful, as they all are. I will call you tomorrow afternoon to talk about our reunion. So excited.
    I am so excited about your new granddaughter! I bet you all are waiting for that phone call. Love you guys and will call tomorrow. Keep up the great work and stay well. Love Sandi and Les

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