Feeling good!!!

Patty’s birthday is coming up this Sunday.   Things have been so crazy in our lives, it’s been difficult to find the energy or time to think about getting her present.  I do have some ideas (which I won’t post here because she reads my blog.) 

Patty woke up this morning feeling great!  She did the treadmill for 40 minutes and is really trying to do whatever she can to be in control of this situation!  Exercise is very important at this point so she’ll squeeze it in when ever she feels up to it.  She’s dealing really well with her new do!  She’s been  joking about giving Demi Moore a run for her money as the new G.I. Jane, or we should say “G.I. Patty!”  This morning she told me that she’ll be doing “one-handed push ups” in no time at all!  What a dork!  That girl keeps me on my toes!  I’m thinking  maybe I should get her some cammi’s and combat boots for her birthday.  It’s so good to see her feeling so well!  (Especially when she has that sense of humor!)  We figure she’ll feel crappy for one week, then she’ll have two weeks of feeling good before her next infusion.  So we’re definitely taking advantage of the good days! 

Sunday we’re celebrating Patty’s birthday in the afternoon by going to see Rockola, a local cover band who plays a lot of classic rock.  They’re playing outdoors at a local park in Scripps Ranch, which is close by.  We’ve been to a couple of concerts in that park this summer and it’s really fun! 

As I’ve mentioned before, Patty’s “tasters” are way out of whack!  She’s found that having breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and breakfast for dinner is kind of working.  Eggs seem to be ok for her, so I’m learning to fix eggs every way possible.  I’m turning into the Forest Gump of eggs… I can only say this with a slow southern drawl… fried eggs, eggs over easy, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs with cheese, hard-boiled eggs, egg whites, egg yolks, eggs on toast, sautéed eggs, broiled eggs, grilled eggs……. you get the picture!  I have to laugh sometimes.  Poor Patty craves certain foods.  The food is always something we don’t have in the house.  Knowing that there’s not much that taste good to her, when she says she’s in the mood for whatever, I run to the store and pick it up.  Let’s see… in the past week she’s wanted tri-tip, Chinese food, barbecued chicken, sliders, ginger ale… I can go on and on.  I’ll get home with whatever it is… she’ll give it a taste and… “ARGH!  That’s horrible!”  So the people at work love me!  They get the uneaten food!

I thought I’d never say this but Patty has also lost a taste for wine and cocktails!  It’s been replace by water, fruit smoothies, milk shakes and cream soda!  It’s sad, but now I not only have my cocktail in the evening, I’m now forced to drink the ones that she would drink! 

11 days until Patty’s next infusion.  She’s feeling great right now!  We’re going to enjoy this time!


3 thoughts on “Feeling good!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Patty. Ed I think the camey pants and boots are a good idea. YOu know you can get them in pink or purple now. I perfer the pink with pink Doc Martins. Since my birthday is tomorrow you should send me a pair to. Have fun at your concert and keep up the great attidude.

  2. That’s my Sis!!! You are a just such a great guy for all you do (besides being an awesome cook). I wish I could be there for the big B-day celebration, but will definitely be there in spirit. Love U Both. K.

    P.S. Package is on the way. Hopefully will make it by Saturday.

  3. Happy Birthday Patricia!! I was out of reach yesterday and am sorry I did not get to personally call you. Hope you had a good day and sounds like the music was perfect. Love you both, Cathy

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