Patty took control!

It’s now been 8 days since Patty’s first chemo infusion.  A few of those days were pretty tough on her…  I see her getting stronger every day which is good because in a couple of weeks we get to do this again.  From what Patty tells  me, the hardest part for her (other than the fatigue and nausea) is that food does not taste good to her.  She has this weird taste in her mouth all the time.  From what we’ve read, it apparently taste metallic but Patty says there’s nothing metallic about it.  It’s just a bad taste which translates to great food tasting bad.  She said nothing is enjoyable to eat.  Right now she’s living on fruit milkshakes and cinnamon oatmeal! 

Patty had made a plan that she wanted to be as much in control of this situation as possible and not let the cancer or chemo dictate her life!  Knowing that losing her hair was a definite, she made an appointment to have her head shaved under her terms.  She initially had an appointment scheduled for this Friday, but after thinking about it, she changed it to today.  Thank God she made the change because last night she was brushing her hair and a small “clump” of hair came out!  Seeing that hair was a pretty good “reality check” for both of us.  It was a statement that this was really happening… it’s not just a bad dream!  We had a good talk last night about the whole situation and came up with a plan of attack and mindset that we needed for the rest of this battle.

Back to being in control!  I was concerned about how Patty would deal (emotionally) with her head shaved as last night she was pretty emotional.  I called her this morning from work.  She was in a great mood.  She said today is the best she’s felt since the last chemo!  I asked how she felt about having her head shaved today.  She told me that she wasn’t happy about it but what choice did she have?  She said: “I’ve decided I just have to have a sense of  humor about all of this!”  (That’s my girl!)

I met Patty at A Greater Hope (the wig place) where we met with Orfelia, the stylist.  Patty had a great attitude.  She told Orfelia: “I think Ed is more upset over this than me!”  (probably a true statement!)  Patty’s head was shaved within minutes!  Wow… I’m being very honest… she looks really great!  She has such a pretty face!  Orfelia then fitted her wig, trimmed a little here and there… done!  Patty left with a smile on her face!  She must be feeling better.  She told me that she was going shopping the rest of the afternoon!  She closed that statement with: “Hey, I just had my head shaved!  I deserve to go shopping!”  She kills me!

Here she is!  My new wife!


6 thoughts on “Patty took control!

  1. Patty & Ed,

    Just read your latest Blog – Patty you look great!
    I just wanted to share with you that when my sister was going through treatments, they told her to use plastic silverware and that would help with the bad taste when you eat. Try it.
    Thinking about you and praying that there are good days ahead.

    Love, Mary

    • Hi Mary: Thanks. I kind of like my bald head. It’s very Demi Moore. It feels really good but my poor dog didn’t recognize me at all. Thanks for the tip. I am really excited to day because this is the best I have felt since chemo so I am off to the treadmill to get my exercise in. I think about you alot and really miss Tahoe at this time of year but I know I am where I need to be, close to my family. My granddaughter Avery is due in 3 weeks. I can’t wait. Please say hi to everyone for me. Thanks for staying in touch.


  2. Hi Patty and Ed: I am just done reading today and am speechless. I am praying everyday and I cannot express my feelings, except that you are both loved and if prayers are powerful, you will feel them all from El Dorado. Love you both, Cathy

  3. Oh Patty… look SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Hey, any excuse that a girl can use to go shopping…go for it! 🙂 I love the look and I wouldn’t have known had you and Ed said something!

    I know that none of the food seems to taste good. One thing that my mom did was eat with plastic utensils but even then it still wasn’t quite the same. Someone mentioned a Whopper though and she was all over it!

    I’m so happy for you that you’re in control and feeling good. You really do look beautiful! Great work Orfelia!

    • Thank you for those kind words. The last two days I have felt so muc better. Still have the chalk taste in my mouth and find its worse at night but we are learning what things still taste good. It’s a challenge but I am up for it.

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