Wig shopping!



(I know this picture has nothing to do with wig shopping… I just like this picture of Patty and our granddaughter, Mia)

Well, since it’s now official that Patty will lose her hair during the chemo process, we decided to be ahead of the game and go wig shopping.  We weren’t sure what to expect since this whole thing is so foreign to us.

We found a place located in Mission Valley called A Greater Hope that was recommended by Scripps .  Patty had an appointment at 11:30.  We both arrived at the same time (we’re such a team!)  Inside we were met a woman, Orfelia, who brought us in a private room.  Patty was a little apprehensive at first, but within a few minutes she was totally into the whole “wig” experience!  It was actually fun!  She tried on a number of wigs for style, then for color.  In no time at all she found the cut that is very similar to her current cut then found the right color.  Wham Bam!  That was too easy!  The wigs are pretty amazing.  They’re so lifelike!  And, they feel so real! 

Orfelia was great.  She deals on a daily basis with cancer patients going through chemo.  She was very understanding, patient and really worked with Patty to feel comfortable with her decision.

Orfelia then brought out accessories!  (I knew this was way to easy!)  The accessories consisted of scarves, wraps, sleeping caps and hats  in every color and print imaginable!  Now Patty was in her element… shopping!  I do have to admit, Patty really isn’t one for wearing hats and scarves, but let me tell you… she looked GREAT!!!  She has such a pretty face that the lack of  hair makes no difference.  In fact there was one look with  a scarf and hat that looked pretty classy and sexy!!!  (Hmmm… maybe this chemo thing may not be so bad after all!)  She ended up picking up a few accessories and that ended our day. 

So, Patty’s going to try to be ahead of this hair loss game.  She’ll make an appointment with Orfelia about ten days after her chemo to have her head shaved and go into her new look!

2 thoughts on “Wig shopping!

  1. I’m so happy Patty is TAKING CHARGE OF IT rather than it taking charge of her!!! The wig, scarf and accessory shopping is so much fun….at least my mom and I thought so. We were like Patty….”SHOPPING!” Oh…did Patty go for something sexy and mysterious like a Red head?!? 🙂 Orfelia sounds like a very compassionate woman and bless her for that!

    Glad to hear you are doing good!

  2. There is nothing more important than your team-ness.
    I love the two of you and the commitment to always be united in everything you do in life. You two are such a fabulous couple and speak volumes on how the love between a man and wife can be expressed no matter what life throws your way. I couldn’t pull up the “mirror images” but could image the lovely notes you two leave for one another. Patty you have such a beautiful face and smile. I so miss seeing you. Love Sandi

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