A quiet week!

Sorry I haven’t written much this week.  It’s been pretty quiet.  I guess you could call this the “quiet before the storm?”  Patty’s son Nate and his family are in town right now.  Good timing and that little granddaughter of ours, Mia, really helps keep Patty occupied.  Today is her 5th birthday so we going to her birthday party in a little while. 

Even thought I’m calling this a “quiet week” that, as Patty calls it, “Elephant in the room” is still looming!!!

We had an appointment with the reconstruction surgeon yesterday and he said everything was looking great from his side.  Patty’s right on schedule with the healing process.

Tomorrow we’re going to an “orientation” at the hospital with the chemo nurses.  We’re both really happy they’re offering such a thing since we have no idea what to expect when we show up on the 31st for Patty’s first treatment.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  I realized the other day that I had miscalculated when Patty will finish her chemo.  Initially I calculated it with her final treatment on January 4th.  Well, I recalculated the other day and her last treatment is actually December 14th!  That was good news!!!  She’ll go through the Christmas Holiday’s chemo free!

Patty has a bone scan scheduled for Monday.  She’s dreading one more test!  But, we’ve got to do what’s necessary to someday get our lives back to normal!


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