My observation: The Secret Order of Women!

 I have been exposed to something over the past few weeks that I never imagined existed.  I’m convinced that this strange phenomena has been in existence since the beginning of man of which the male species has been oblivious… it’s what I’ve dubbed the “Secret Order of Women!” 

From a man’s perspective it’s kind of scary but very impressive still the same!  Here’s how the Secret Order of Women works… it’s similar to a multi-level marketing scheme.  One woman finds out about another woman in distress or crisis.  That woman immediately reaches out to the woman in distress, in this case it’s Patty, and offers her sincere love and support.  She then reaches out to a minimum of 4 other women, who, in turn, reach out to Patty and offer their sincere love and support.  Those 4 women then reach out to a minimum of 4 other women etc… You go down three levels of the “chain” and suddenly you’ve got 85 women showing sincere love and support to Patty!  Its awesome!  I’m convinced that getting to the 3rd level doesn’t take more than a day!  Once you pass the 3rd level, do the math, the numbers are insane!  (4th level = 256 women, 5th level = 1026 women)

Men, on the other hand, are not this way.  We hear of another man in crisis or distress and we think “Wow, what a drag… I hope he can work through it!”  A few men may reach out to offer assistance, but not like women.  It’s really an idiotic way of thinking, but unfortunately, that’s just how guys work.  We’re the strong ones!  We’re macho!  We’re men! 

Well, the Secret Order of Women is truly an impressive thing to witness!  Patty has been touched by not only friends and family, but from caring women whom she doesn’t even know.  In addition, she’s talked to breast cancer survivors as well as women going through the fight who have called to not only give her support but also encouragement for her battle.   Patty has told me that the number of women who have called her and provided their support is “humbling.”

Sure, I joke about this, but the bond amongst women is truly amazing!  I’m privileged to be associated (only because I generally answer the phone) with the Secret Order of Women!  The calls etc are greatly appreciated!

So as they say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus!


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