Bring on the chemo!

We met with the oncologist this afternoon.  As with the other doctors at Scripps, we have 110% confidence in her!  From our first meeting, you could tell she was a fighter!  She was very matter of fact with us.  “Due to the aggressiveness of the tumor and the fact it did spread to one lymph node, I want to be aggressive with this and treat it with chemo!”  You know what?  We expected this would be the treatment so there were really no surprises when she made the announcement.  I know my wife and I can honestly say that Patty is truly ready for this fight, mentally as well as physically!  She’s really ok with chemo.  Sure, there’s going to be some side-effects… but she’s ready to take them on!  Just like the t-shirt I had gotten her that reads:  “Hey Cancer!  You picked the wrong broad!”  Cancer really did! 

So… unfortunately Patty has two more “tests” to do before the chemo begins.  A bone scan and some type of heart scan.  I think having the “tests” is bothering her more than the chemo.  But, what can one do?  That just means two more tests and “waiting” for the results!  Waiting is never fun!

Patty will have her first treatment on Tuesday, August 31st.  She’ll have a total of six treatments, three weeks apart.  If everything goes well, which it should, her last treatment will be on her daughter, Nicole’s, birthday on January 4th.  (notice I didn’t say how old Nicole will be!)

Now we get to go wig shopping… hat shopping and scarf shopping!  (God, the things I do for my wife!)  Gotta love her!!!

3 thoughts on “Bring on the chemo!

  1. Ed and Patty:

    I think it’s awesome that you started this blog. I work with Patty’s sister and right now, my mom is currently going through the same thing. I refuse to give it a name because we do not want it to control us…we will control and concur it! It’s like you have a lot of, and I don’t know if this is the right word or not, nervous energy. It’s not easy being the caretaker so I can relate to what you are going through. You are right, it truly does bring out the best in you even if it is harder than hell. Faith in God really helps. One of the books that my mom and I have been reading is “God Never Blinks”. We were just attracted to it in the Kindle Store and once we got to reading it, it’s written by a woman cancer survivor. It’s so encouraging and a light read. I would highly recommend it.

    Patty, I LOVE the t-shirt!!! You go girl!!!
    Ed, get rest while you can and remember that you have to take care of yourself to help Patty.

    God bless you both!

    • Thanks for the comments. Nervous energy? Most likely. Quite honestly, I find writing this blog is theraputic for me! It’s somewhat like “journaling.” I don’t look at myself as a “caretaker.” I’m Patty’s husband and we both took vows when we got married. This is just part of the vows. I would be very disappointed in any husband that would not help his wife go through something like this. I’ll be the first to admit, it does have it’s moments!!! You’re absolutely right, having Faith in God has pulled us through some really difficult times! Thanks for the tip on the book. I’m going on Amazon to order it right after this!

      We’ve put your mother on our prayer list!


  2. Patty, we do have the most wonderful men in our lives. Les was with me every step of the way when I couldn’t walk and needed care. We are so lucky.
    You have a lot to face in the coming months, but when it is over you will be cured and look what you have in your future to hold (2 new babies) and of course Mia (I can’t believe she is 5 already). Love you kiddo. Sandi

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